New Sawyer Squeezable Water Pouches now available in their online store

The new and improved Sawyer Squeezable Water Pouches 2013 (as compared to the older pouches) are now available as replacement pouches. The new bags are produced differently now to avoid the failure problems the older bags had. There is a color change to differentiate the different bags. The new pouches are blue in color as compared to the brown/gray color of the older ones. The new pouch added 6 grams of weight, the older bag was 30 grams and the new one is 36 grams in the 2 Liter model, in reinforcement (mainly to the neck area from my understanding). My confidence is greatly improved with these new bags. I would still suggest using care with any pouch (including the Evernew’s). I recommend you roll the pouch instead of squeezing it as the name implies. I also suggest backing off on the power you are trying to force the water through with and try to monitor for maximum efficiency yet with the idea of prolonging the life of the pouch on your mind. These newer Sawyers Squeezable water pouches are still lighter than the Evernew bags (2L Evernew Water Carry – 44 grams as compared to the new improved 2L Sawyer Squeeze Water Pouch – 36 grams).
For anyone with ruptured pouches or whose Sawyer Squeeze .1 micron absolute water filter came with the older squeezable water pouches and want peace of mind, Sawyer Products is selling the new and improved bags in their online store. Sawyer told me there is a typo on the 2 Liter bags. It is 2x 2 Liter bags for $5.99, 3x 32oz bags for $5.99 and 3x 16oz for $4.99 at the time of this writing. Sawyer assured me these are the new and improved bags.
They can be purchased from this link:
Pictured are the 2 Liter pouches.

Also check out my video on Sawyer Squeeze add on’s on YouTube:


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